Pink Perch - Whole Cleaned, 500 g

Rs. 231.00

We believe that everyone deserves to consume the healthiest ingredients of the highest quality, made available in their freshest form. Our entire procurement philosophy and operation is built around how we can play a role in helping our clients get access to the freshest, healthiest and the highest quality ingredients. Some of the key tenets we follow, to the extent possible:

1. Primarily natural, organic produce with no chemical contamination

2. Highly nutritious choices as close to their natural state as possible and being high in beneficial Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients

3. Primarily foods that promote metabolic balance and flexibility, healthier cells, strengthen our body’s defense mechanism like immunity, stem cells, gut microbiome, DNA sanctity, angiogenesis etc.

4. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory

5. No products that are harmful to health (Refined carbohydrates, Products that have added sugar, Unhealthy pro-inflammatory PUFA fats and oils made from industrial seed oils, Industrially farmed meat, Processed food, Artificial colors/flavors etc.)  

We also strive hard to source these directly from local farmers , ensuring that they benefit the most from our supply chain.

Last, but not the least, is to ensure you get the food as fresh as possible - striving to provide you with locally produced fruits and vegetables within 24-48 hours of their harvest.