LiveAltlife Xmas Special Cheese Board, 1 Unit

Rs. 1,132.00

Make your Christmas special with LiveAltlife’s Cheese Boards. A combination of artisanal craftmanship and rich, complex flavours featuring one hard cheese (parmesan), one semi-hard cheese (black pepper gouda), two soft cheeses (feta and olive-stuffed bocconcini), strawberry jam fused with basil, a delectable mustard sauce, and gluten-free almond crackers. This stunning board is surely a crowd-pleaser!

Now cheeseboard your way through the Christmas and New Year!

This Cheese Board contains:
Artisanal Aged Black Pepper Gouda Cheese 50 g
Artisanal Aged Feta Cheese 50 g
Artisanal Olive Stuffed Bocconcini Cheese 50 g
Artisanal Aged Parmesan Cheese 50 g
LiveAltlife Artisanal Kasundi Mustard Sauce 30 g
LiveAltlife Artisanal Strawberry & Basil Preserve (Sugarless) 30g
Almond crackers 5 Nos