Founder's Note

Thank you for your interest in LiveAltlife. We hope we can be a partner in your journey towards good health.   

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about what we do at LiveAltlife and our purpose of existence. LiveAltlife is born from my own personal journey with diabetes. As, I realized that medicines are not helping me better my diabetic condition, and heard similar stories from people who are diabetic, I started researching this topic intensely. From science books to nutrition blogs to visiting doctors — I consumed, researched, and studied a lot of information in an attempt to find that pot of gold called 'good health'.  LiveAltLife in many ways is a by the people, for the people company.”  

Vivek, Founder & CEO, LiveAltlife  

The War we are Waging: 

  • Lifestyle conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Cardiovascular Risk, Obesity, etc. are growing at an alarming rate and have impacted everyone around us: our families, friends, and people around the globe. 
  • Unfortunately, these conditions are impacting people from a very young age. This is for sure getting closer to home for many of us. 
  • Existing medical and other solutions are helping only in managing the symptoms and not in curing or solving these problems at their very root level. 

The LiveAltLife Cure: 

  • At LiveAltlife we have understood that these conditions can be completely reversed and transformed with natural interventions that address the root cause of the problem. 
  • The daily interventions we adopt to solve the root cause are all safe, natural, and sustainable. These involve making the right, deep science-driven, changes to your daily lifestyle: Simple things like what you eat and when you eat, thereby focusing on your mind and body fitness, sleeping right, and managing your stress levels. 
  • We periodically track how well your body's metabolic health is functioning and that plays a key role in assessing your current state of health, predicting where your health is headed, and thereby the steps to be taken proactively.  

    And this is exactly what we do at LiveAltlife. Our purpose is to eradicate lifestyle conditions like Diabetes, in a safe, natural, and sustainable way by shaping and changing lifestyles. And making it easy, convenient, and fun!  

    Please visit us at to know more about our Diabetes Reversal and Health Restore Programs.   

    At LiveAltlife Retail, we are driven to do three simple things:  

    1. To make and curate  best in class products that transform the health of our clients. 
    2. To provide Tasty, Nutritious and Healthy Products. 
    3. To ensure we only have safe and natural clean label products that are not chemically tainted and are not refined or processed.  
    4. To ensure we meet our clients’ needs in a predictable, & timely manner. 

    We have built our entire supply chain to source the healthiest ingredients of the highest quality, in their freshest possible form to use in our best-in-class products.  

    Our products contain pre-biotic and pro-biotic elements, natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, natural and organic, unprocessed and toxin-free ingredients. We also strive hard to source our ingredients directly from local farmers, ensuring that they benefit the most from our supply chain.   

    Our product range is made with LCHF focus (Low Carbs, Adequate Protein and Healthy Fats). These are completely diabetic friendly, hypertensive friendly and healthily delicious.